Going on holiday is something we all look forward to, but something that most of us are less excited about is no doubt the fact that we actually need to get to the destination in order to enjoy it. The act of getting to the airport, of checking in and of actually flying is something few of us relish but it can be quite enjoyable in itself if you know how to make the most of it. Here’s how to enjoy the first and last days of your trip. furniture store melbourne

First of all to enjoy your travel you need to make sure that you are driving yourself. Going by public transport is a nightmare filled with screaming children, bustling passengers and heaving cases, while using an airport taxi service will mean you need to make awkward small talk and listen to their choice of music. Of course it also means you’re on tenterhooks as you hope that they actually turn up.

Lounge Review: Qantas International Business Lounge - Melbourne Airport  (MEL) — The Shutterwhale

Drive yourself on the other hand and you’ll be in your familiar environment with your own music and your own food and drink for your passengers. If you have kids why not strap a tablet to the back of your chair and set them up with a film?

Now make sure you leave early and if you have a long way to go try stopping at a service station so that you can have a nice meal (and treat the kids to a magazine). A coffee that you can sit and enjoy will go a long way to making this a more pleasant journey.

Getting to the airport early will make life much easier when you arrive and mean you’re not rushing. Make sure you’ve booked parking somewhere nearby and somewhere secure, and if you want to really go all out, consider staying the night in a hotel close to the airport.

Once you’re at the airport you can now spend some time sitting and eating or drinking at the airport or just looking around at the duty free shopping. There’s actually a lot to see and do at an airport and if you get there early it can be a nice place to relax. If you really want to spoil yourself you can consider paying extra and staying in a VIP lounge – they are very nice. Of course you will need to check in first, but one way to make this much easier is to try and compact your luggage to fit in your hand luggage so that you don’t have to check suitcases in or heave them around (this will make it much easier coming back too as you won’t have to wait anxiously for them to come round the conveyor belt.

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