People have been eating raw food since the beginning of time, but it now seems to be growing in popularity. Take the Japanese dish Sushi for example, a dish containing rice, seasoning and raw fish in a lot of instances. It may have been eaten in Asia since the seventh century, but in the last couple of decades sushi bars and restaurants have been emerging all over the world. Sushi is also packed with nutrition and taste, but is still low in calories.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Raw Food?

Well for one you are going to save a load of time not cooking, but seriously there are benefits to eating food in its raw state: –

1. More Nutritional Content

There are more nutrients contained in raw food than once it has been cooked. this is because the process of cooking food at high temperatures removes nutrients from the food. This is why it is much more healthy to steam vegetables when cooking them, rather than boiling them. Raw food contains live microorganisms which aid your bodies digestive system.

2. Lower Fat Content

When food is cooked at high temperatures, it increases the chances that you will consume trans-fat as well as other harmful chemicals. Food in its natural Sonus Complete state is also free of artificial flavourings, colourings and additives, leaving lots of natural goodness. Processed food items available at the supermarket are mass-produced to provide as long a sell by date as possible. The problem is that a lot of these foods contain high amounts of salt, calories and saturated fat.

3. Eating Raw Food Can Help You Lose Weight

As well as containing less calories in its natural state, raw foods also contain substances that make the digestive system more efficient at breaking down food, which aids weight loss. Raw vegetables also contain enzymes which speed up digestion and help your body burn fat.

Raw Foods Safe To Eat

Obviously there are certain foods (such as chicken) which are not safe to eat in their raw state. But there are plenty raw foods that can give you a nutritious diet such as: –

Fresh Fruit.

Fresh Vegetables.

Dried Fruits.

Nuts and Seeds.

Raw Honey.



Dried Vegetables.

Sea Weeds.

Herbs and Spices.


Now that you know the benefits of eating raw food, try and add a little more into your diet and leave that fatty processed food on the supermarket shelf.

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