Toenail fungus is one of those conditions where pure information is needed before the right answer is given.

If you cut your toenails with some clippers and one of those toenails is a fungus one, then the other toenails are at risk.

If that nail clipper is then given to someone else and they cut their toenails, then there is a chance that they will get the toenail fungus.

If you have a really bad case of toenail fungus and you then share the same socks and shoes as someone else then there is a likeliness that they will get a fungus issue at some point.

The difference is that fungal skin infection is far more contagious than fungus toenails and it is usually the skin issue that causes the toenail issue and vice versa. Obviously communal places where a lot of peoples feet congregate is prone to different types of micro-organisms, even your shower.

Fungus itself it quite resilient within the nail because of many devices that it employs to keep itself safe and sound. Once out of the nail, the fungus is actually easy to destroy. It’s eggs are the issue as they are protected against a wide variety of chemicals Fungus Clear that we tend to use on a regular basis. Antibacterial soaps and sprays will not work because it is a fungus, not a bacterium. 2 different types of organisms with 2 different types of treatments.

Some people keep their own nail care instruments to themselves which is all fair and well, but then they keep them in a dark moisture laden pouch… where the fungus thrives. Then they use their nail care products on their toes and the cycle continues. Sometimes finger nails are also cut so obviously they can get infected (and they usually do).

So what do you do?

If you have one toenail that has a mild fungus on it, treat it, because leaving it will make it get worse and then the treatments will become stronger and then there is a better chance of more toes being affected.

If you have one toenail that has a fungus on it, buy 2 clippers. Label each one and then use one on the fungus toenail- and do not use that one anything else apart from that toenail. Clean the clippers as best as you can (diluted beach is the best) and then store separately. Do not forget which clipper is the fungus one, and tell other people in the house not to use it.

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