One of the biggest weight loss challenges we face is when we just can’t seem to lose weight no matter what we try. When it feels like nothing we do works it is tempting to throw up our arms, declare we are doomed to be fat and drown our sorrows in a pint (or two) of Ben and Jerry’s.

Obviously downing pints of ice cream isn’t the solutions-but we feel better, albeit temporarily, and we also feel perfectly justified. After all, we say to ourselves, “if diets don’t work, I might as well eat whatever I like!”

That attitude is the fast lane to weight gain. If your goal is to successfully lose weight what can you do instead? Here are 5 simple steps when nothing Biofit seems to work.


The biggest thing you can do is shift your mindset for weight loss success rather than having an attitude of fattitude.

The first step of shifting your mindset is to make an honest assessment of where you are…and that definitely starts with your head. Are you in the right mindset for weight loss? Probably not…

Taking the time to adjust your attitude and thoughts about your body, losing weight in general, and your ability to lose weight in particular, will pay HUGE dividends in terms of permanent results.

Track your thoughts and feelings: don’t judge them, just record what is going on.


The second step is to determine where you are physically. It is easy to slide into unhealthy eating patterns. When we eat unconsciously we pack on the pounds. In this phase it is crucial to accurately account for every thing you eat and drink…as well as how much activity you do. Most of us think we consume far less and move far more than we actually do.

It is important to view this step as information gathering. This is not about restricting your calories…this is about establishing your benchmark. You cannot know where to improve or modify your behaviors if you do not know where you are right now.


Review your notes from the first two steps. If you have a lot of negative feelings about your body and ability to lowed weight then that will e where you will put most of your efforts.

Look at your food journal to see if there are any surprises. Does anything jump out to you as an easy change you can make? Then definitely start there. This doesn’t have to be hard! Go for the easy stuff first!


You know where you are, now you have to decide that you deserve a healthy, energetic, slender body.

Declare WHY you want to make changes in your life. Why are you setting your sites on being that person? Then focus on being that person you want to be…right now!

This decision can be quite simple…but it is actually the most important, and often most difficult, part of weight loss success. Do you choose to succeed?


This is where most people start-and that is why most people do not have permanent weight loss success. They count calories and go on diets…and diets don’t work.

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