You ask about sex for the disabled and many people will wonder what you are talking about. The society believe that it is an impossibility for the disabled to have sex. This is a misconception because sex is not all about penetration literotica. You can have great sex even without involving the genitals. Meaning that the physically handicapped can enjoy sex too. Research carried out concerning sex and disability shows that 50% of the disabled people with spinal cord injuries experience orgasm. The areas of the body that are hypersensitive if sexually stimulated lead to intense sexual arousal which climaxes to orgasm. Most people assume that people with any spinal cord injuries can never find a dating relationship. They make a verdict that they have no romantic life or love stories.

It does not seem abnormal when a partner leaves the disabled person after the accident. It is like we all expect it. We do not see how sex and disability can go together. It is has been proved that the divorce rates influenced by disability are slightly higher than common divorces. Most people have found lovers while still on their wheel chairs and started beautiful families. Always remember that the disability does not directly imply inability to sexually please your lover or to be pleased. Identify the parts which are not affected by spinal injury. It is also important to note that you can lose sensation but you can never lose feeling and emotions. The genitals of a disabled person might not function but he/she feels the desire to perform despite the inability.

A disabled person can still enjoy closeness and intimacy. The physical changes associated with sex and disability depends on the cause. If the disability was caused by spinal cord or any other neurological lesion, both men and women might experience increased or decreased sensitivity in their genitals. For women, vaginal dryness becomes a problem and for men they experience erection and ejaculation problems. As a result of destruction of the spinal cord, the adductor thigh muscles might feel difficult to separate. The indwelling catheter might be responsible for decreased sexual desire. As a result of the circumstances surrounding disability, the victims feel weak, experience breathing problems and also general fatigue. These are some of the inhibiting factors which makes sex to feel different after disability.

People with disabilities go through a lot of psychological problems due to the sudden change of events especially if they were not born disabled. It is hard to accept the fact that you can only move with a wheel chair while you used to move with your own legs with no problem. Sex and disability is a topic entirely based on psychological factors. The victims go through depression, stress, anxiety and feeling of helplessness. These feelings can weigh down the moods of a disabled person to an extent of making him lose interest in sex. With therapy and family help the victims can be able to overcome the psychological barriers and enjoy their sex life.

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