Gym equipment, also known as exercise equipment, is any equipment or device used in a gym to improve the physical fitness outcomes or effect of that fitness routine by supplying either fixed or variable levels of resistance, or for whatever reason to better improve the overall experience or result of an exercise program. The type of gym equipment, which a person uses will depend upon what they wish to achieve or benefit from it being used. Many people use such equipment to bulk up, while many others use it to improve their agility, strength and overall conditioning. This article looks closely at the different types of gym equipment and then identifies how each one can be used to achieve the results you are aiming for.

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Exercise equipment can be classified according to its main categories into three general types: Fitness machines, exercises machines and exercise devices xa don treo tuong. The Fitness machines are mainly used to provide full body exercise with resistance to simulate a real life athletic activity, such as running, jogging, jumping or lifting weights. Some of the more popular brands of fitness equipment include the Weider, Bowflex, Star Trac and the Personal Development Company. The fitness equipment most likely to be found in your local gym is the elliptical trainer, step machines or treadmill.

Exercises machines are used primarily to target one or more specific muscles or muscle groups. The resistance offered to the exerciser is usually derived from springs or motors to simulate forces experienced during actual physical work. Exercises machines are often used to provide resistance for weight training exercises, or for increasing strength and stamina. In India, almost all of the gyms will have at least one such machine.

Sweat programs are another form of gym equipment, which aim to increase the intensity and duration of exercise, and thereby increase the metabolic rate and thus calorie intake by the user. The machine uses a collection of sensors to detect body heat patterns. The information gathered by the sensors is then fed into a computer. With the help of the computer, the program develops a custom-made sweat program specifically for each user.

Fitness equipments that allow you to do an intensive strength training are termed as weight training machines. Most commercial gym equipment manufacturers have specialized models just for this purpose. Machines like the rowser, free weight bench, squats, deadlifts, dips and other similar exercises provide good results when trained on. But if you want to do a full body exercise with resistance, you may have to invest in one of the various power lifting machines that are increasingly popular in commercial gyms today.

One gym equipment that has been quite popular in the US and UK is the leg extension machine. This device works on the principle of contracting and relaxing the quadriceps and hamstrings to a greater extent than normal. Leg extensions develop quadriceps and hamstrings power, which helps in building up the core strength needed for sprinting, jumping and general fitness. You can purchase leg extension machines for home available online as well.

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