India is a land of magnificent and breathtaking scenic beauty. It is a country blessed with diverse geographical relief features and natural hot spots. Thus, it is no surprise to see India rank at no. 4 in a poll of best tourist havens, even ahead of France and Singapore.

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The best cities to visit in India include:

Delhi – Delhi, formerly known as Indraprastha, is the capital city of India. A thriving metropolis, the city lies in the heart of northern India, in the gangetic plains. It has the most enviable historical monuments on display for visitors. Be it the Red Fort, Lotus temple, Qutub Minar or the recently built Akshardham Mandir, Delhi houses them all. On top of this, the city has state of the art infrastructure facilities at its disposal. Its capital New Delhi is a beautifully well planned city which houses foreign diplomats. With numerous shopping malls, eating joints, amusement parks and recreational centers, Delhi is must visit city on your tour to India. When in Delhi, do not forget to have a ride on the Delhi metro. With people from all over India living in the city, Delhi is sometimes also called mini India luxury homes for sale in florida miami.

Mumbai – Mumbai is one of the largest Indian metropolises and a globally important city. Besides being the financial powerhouse of India, it also attracts tourists in large numbers. The city houses the Hindi film industry, most commonly called bollywood. So when in Mumbai, just look around and you might just bump into a bollywood star. It also has various beautiful beaches to enthrall tourists. And of course, there’s the famous marine drive. The recently unveiled Bandra- Worli sea link is another feather in the city’s cap.

Kolkata – Situated on the banks of river Hooghly, the city of Kolkata has a charm of its own. World renowned for its “rasogolla” and “sandesh”, the city is also a beautiful tourist hotspot. If the river Hooghly and its banks are not enough to fascinate you, the city also has imposing building sating back to the British era. The Victoria memorial is a fine example of it. Kolkata also has many beautiful parks and botanical gardens. One of them even contains the oldest tree in India. During the days of durga puja, the city is illuminated like no other. The pomp and fervor are highly infectious. Miss this city at the cost of your joy.

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