Reading body language messages are mostly about survival and sex. Our most important biological purpose in life is to find a mate to help pass on our genes in offspring. This purpose is in every species and is millions of years old. A species without this drive to reproduce offspring soon becomes extinct.

reading Body language for sexual activity in each culture is taught subtly and forcefully. Violators soon learn there is a price to pay for deviation from the local rules. In spite of all the social pressure to not publicly reveal our strong sexual urges, our  Language of desire desires are still often revealed in our unconscious body language.

A example of how you can start reading body language is watch a man who is interested in a girl he will usually be facing his body towards the object of his desire with his hands up on his hips, his fingers are unconsciously pointing towards the male sex organ.

Reading body language in a woman is a little different women tend to let there arms hang down in front of them with their fingers interlaced and the tips of the thumbs are touching to create almost a circle around their female sex organ. Also if they face their hips toward you and do this body pose she is interested to say the least.

Reading body language that is defensive has a primitive basis and assumes that the other person will physically attack, even when this is highly unlikely. Covering vital organs and points of vulnerability.

The chin is held down, covering the neck. The groin is protected with knees together, crossed legs or covering with hands. The arms may be held across the chest or face.

Any physical object may be placed held in front of the person to act as a literal or figurative barrier. This can be a small as a pen or as large as a table. Straddling a reversed chair makes some people comfortable in conversation as they look relaxed whilst feeling defensive.

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