I have just sold my beloved iMac G4 17 for a second hand powerbook g4 1 Ghz. What can I say, I have to work on the road, I would look like a nut case to carry an iMac around with me everywhere. What I didn’t realize is that the powerbook I just bought has no Superdrive. But I thought it would be ok, since I also have a PC with DVD writer at home.

Microsoft hints at new features and big changes coming in Windows 11 – BGR

Until…I needed to open or burn a dmg file which resides in my PC but just couldn’t do it. The file simply unknown to Windows. Some suggested that just rename the dmg extension to .iso and burn it using any PC burning software but I found that it didn’t work for me since my DVD that I had to burn, it was a double Layer DVD. So, I Googled around and I am glad I did. And the solution is the software called Transmac windows 11 iso.

With Transmac for Windows, dmg file can be read & burn like on a Mac using Disk Utility. Transmac let you mount dmg file, expand then burn dmg file to DVD, CD and DL DVD (before you can burn you need to expand compressed dmg file first). I have to say that at first I didn’t think it would work at all. Not just working but it is also very easy to use as well, it even works with Bootable Mac DVD like Leopard DVD. You can download a 15 days trial version of Transmac here. After you try it, I am sure you will want to buy it. Transmac was surely a great spend for me in a long time. Note: I started this post just to tell people that they can write CD/DVD from a dmg image file on Windows PC and the easiest way to do it is by using a software called Transmac.

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