There are a lot of people who will have you believe that you’re addicted to cigarettes. That smoking is a habit that’s more difficult to get rid of than breathing oxygen. That killing your first born would be easier than quitting smoking. What I find funny about this little fact is that all the people saying these things have one thing in common. They want to sell you something to make quitting cigarettes easier. That’s right, the want to make money off of you. So it’s in their best interest that you believe that you can’t break the addiction without the help of whatever they may be selling.

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I came to this conclusion after I personally walked away from cigarettes after sucking them down for the better part of fifteen years. And I walked away from cigarettes without the aid of anything but myself. Throughout my fifteen years of smoking I had tried to quit with the aid of gum and patches with no success. It wasn’t until I did it without the aid of anything other than myself that I came to the realizations I’m going to speak about in this article.

The biggest realization that I came to was the fact that I was never really addicted to anything. I had simply engaged in an activity for so long that it had become “normal” to me. Smoking cigarettes had become a habit. That’s it. I realized that smoking cigarettes was mental ขายบุหรี่ไฟฟ้า. It was more important what I thought about smoking cigarettes than the actual act of smoking them. I came to the realization that I wasn’t addicted to anything!

This realization changed my entire perspective, and I quickly walked away from cigarettes forever. Honestly, isn’t smoking disgusting? It really is, and this is coming from someone who engaged in the practice for more than 15 years. I think about it now and it’s just disgusting. IU was walking through the grocery store the other day and someone walked by me reeking of cigarettes. It was disgusting, and then I thought to myself, “That was you just a little while ago you idiot!” It’s amazing how when you’re involved in things, your perspective gets all screwed up.

The bottom line is that if you want to quit smoking cigarettes, you can. You’re not actually addicted to anything. You’ve just become so used to smoking that you think it’s going to be difficult to stop. That’s it. And I’m telling you, it’s not that hard to stop smoking. Just believe that you can, and that can be enough. Remember when you used to not smoke. Remember when you could run up a flight of stairs and not feel like you were going to die. Remember all of those things, because it wasn’t that long ago that you didn’t even know what a cigarette was, let alone how to smoke it! And believe in yourself. It’s amazing what a human being can accomplish when he/she believes in themselves.

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