Letter symbols are highly underrated. Very few recognize that they have great potential for innovation and creativity if designed correctly and they are also less risky than the image based emblems.

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They can make your trademark smart, memorable and recognizable from a distance.

But, again, the only condition here is that they should be crafted intelligently.

So if you are trying to craft your own letters logo design, make sure that you go through the below mentioned tips so you don’t end up making the same mistakes that others have heart unique smoking pipes.

• Use Effects That Make The Emblem Current And Trendy:

Whether your business is related to technology or targeted towards the youth, using effects for your letter trademark will make it more appealing for the viewers. For example, if your business is related to websites or social media then you can use the paper folding effect for the initial which will make your brand mark fashionable and distinct. If you are designing clothes or other fashion related items then you can use the ribbon effect for your company initial as it will be relatable to the fashion industry and will look chic and sophisticated at the same time. Similarly if your product is targeted towards kids then you can use the origami effect and if it is related to architecture and graphics then you can use the 3 dimensional effects.

Here, just make sure that if you are using bright colors for your symbols then you keep the background in lighter shades and vice versa so that the attention isn’t taken away from the initial.

• Insert Clever Or Hidden Messages:

Nothing can be more attractive in a business symbol than a clever or hidden message and using letter trademarks gives you a wide range for hidden messages. For example, the blank space between the two adjacent lines in the letter A can be utilized creatively by inserting a guitar or t-shirt silhouette. Similarly you can insert a face’s silhouette in the curve of the letter C or craft the letter J to look like a smoking pipe. Just make sure that the clever message you inserted represents your product or depicts the unique feature that you offer.

• Insert Small Symbols With The Letter:

If you want to add a simple and classic touch to your trademark then you can also add small symbols with your letter. For example, if your business is dealing in men’s accessories, then you can accompany a small top hat with your company initial or use angel wings or devil horns to add an attractive touch.

In conclusion, don’t restrict yourself to one letter for your trademark. You can also use two letter logos like a lot of famous corporations have. The only tip to remember is to make sure that your monogram is distinct and depicts your company or product appropriately.

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