The Braun 4 cup coffee maker, or as it officially is called the Braun KF12WH Aromaster, is one of the more popular four cup coffee makers on the market.

The reason is actually quite simple. It is the perfect coffee maker for the one or two person household. Whilst there is no debate about the quality of, for example, its 12 cup coffee maker, the amount of coffee brewed is simply too much. One might well say that one does not have to make use of the full dose of coffee grounds in the 12 cup coffee maker and one does not have to fill the reservoir.

That is true. It does, however, require some degree of experimentation to get the portion of coffee grounds correct. Filling the water reservoir for 4 cups is simple enough. To get the portion of coffee grounds right is far more difficult. That is why it might be more prudent to obtain a four cup coffee maker for one or two person households. You still get all the great features that have been built into the larger Braun coffee makers K cup filler.

This coffee maker has a glass carafe that can be put into the dishwasher. The same goes for the permanent filter. It is important in getting these two components of the absolutely clean.

More coffee experiences have been spoil by unclean filters and carafes than through operating mistakes. It is absolutely essential that these components of your coffee machine are absolutely clean. If these items are not absolutely clean one then runs the risk of a previous brew tainting a subsequent brew. Therefore, if the items are dishwasher safe then there is no reason why they should not be placed into the dishwasher on a regular basis (it make it so easy to clean, don’t you agree?).

The Braun four cup coffee machine is also compact in design. This means it will fit in small kitchens typical of one or two person households with out taking over the limited kitchen counter surface area typical of such kitchens. Its simple design and white coloring means that it will fit into any kitchen interior concept. The whole machine is easy to clean and to maintain.

The fact that it has a small compartment for its power cord means that it can be stored in a cupboard without the cord hanging about taking up valuable space. All in all the Braun 4 cup coffee maker is the right type of coffeemaker for small households.

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