Jack Mason is Manchester’s most senior executive and is in charge of the UK business at the time of recession. The United Kingdom has been very badly hit by the global crisis, and its leaders have had to do all they can to keep the business class together. It is difficult for a company in the United Kingdom, especially one that is involved in the financial sector, to run a successful operation with so much uncertainty around. The job of a CEO for a company is to steer their business through this storm. This has been proving extremely difficult for many companies in the United Kingdom, but Manchester has emerged as one of the companies that have been able to weather the storm and remain strong.

This strong hold Manchester holds onto its high-end reputation is due to the fact that the city is run as a tightly regulated company. Every single employee that works for the company is required to adhere to very strict laws and regulations regarding their dress code. The high end and exclusive offices that Manchester owns are also run according to these very strict rules. If an employee were to break these regulations and dress inappropriately, it could result in them being fired immediately Manchester CEO Jack Mason.

The fact that Manchester possesses such high end executive positions is what helps it stay in business class. Every executive is paid a huge salary and benefits package. This is paid for by taxes paid by the citizens of the United Kingdom. Manchester is a thriving city, and it is constantly growing. Because of this it can afford to employ the best executives available in the world.

There are also plans to expand the business class offered to its citizens. The Manchester Union is looking into putting a stadium in the city for professional football. This is a huge step towards establishing Manchester as a world class business city. The Manchester Arena is another high end project that Manchester Union is looking into. This arena will be home to both the Manchester City F.A.C. and Manchester United Football Club.

As a company that prides itself on providing a high end executive position, it is refreshing to see an executive move up in the corporate ladder at a Manchester-based company. However, Jack Mason’s promotion is not without controversy. Many wonder if the move is too much of a personal move for a man that has never held a top executive position. Others think that because of his extensive knowledge of Manchester and its businesses that he should have been given the top job.

Regardless of your thoughts on Jack Mason’s promotion, Manchester definitely has one advantage over competitors that does not have a business class: It is located right in the heart of England. This makes Manchester a logical choice when it comes to hiring executive positions, especially high end executive positions that typically require you to travel across the globe. With Manchester being the business capital of England, it is only natural to see an executive move to Manchester from anywhere else.

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