1. A disposable Email ID
It is always safe to have an alternative email id than your business id. For instance, if you would like to use an email id to buy something online or to download a product, you could use the disposable one. This way, even if somone did crack this password they would not be able to get in touch with your business partners. You could use something like yahoo and maybe hotmail for this purpose – here you can make any number of IDs for free you know.

2. Hide your identity
If you go by the name John Smith, it would be foolish to make an email id that read john.smith@ something. This is what hackers will target first, if someone is trying to fake your identity on the net. When choosing a password, don’t use something as obvious as your date of birth – that is not personal enough for no one else to know. Instead you could use something like the name of your first pet, or the name of your favorite model car Download Aadhar Card by Name and Date of Birth.

3. Unique Passwords
I know it is convenient to use the same password for all your card pins. Don’t make the same mistake with your email ids. If you do this, when a hacker cracks one email id, he’s cracked all of them. The answer is – don’t use so many ids that you cannot remember the unique passwords, but do have an alternate id with a UNIQUE password.

4. Change of Password
Why not change your password every few months? That is a great idea to stay secure. More often than not, when a hacker gets into your mail id, he or she will wait a few weeks or months to see how they can take advantage of your information. You never know when someone reads your email right after you do. So, it is good to change your password every few months just in case someones broken in and its still not too late (meaning no damage has yet been done).

5. Don’t risk many cards online
If you use a lot of cards, keep only one, maybe one with the lowest limit for your online usage. Why risk all of the cards by using them online? When you stick to only one card online, even when there is a security breach, you will only have one bank to deal with. Imagine trying to change all your credit cards overnight – not a very happy thought. And that is exactly what you will have to do if you use many cards online and security is breached on all of them.

6. Get secure with online payment methods
Websites like PayPal and Moneybookers are the answer to buying goods online. You only need to reveal your credit card details to them, and then make all your purchases through them.

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