Whether you are looking for the perfect golf gift for the golfer in your life, trying to find a special corporate or executive golf gift, or if you are in charge of finding golf tournament prizes, I have a few unique ideas for you to consider.

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First of all, you could always go with the obvious such as golf balls, tees or other accessories such as club covers or divot tools. Or there are many different types of golf apparel such as shirts, pants and shoes. All of those are pretty standard but most golfers will already have these things, so that’s why you are looking for a golf gift that is unique and will be remembered for much longer than a box of golf balls would be.

One great example of a great unique golf gift would be an exotic wood putter. These putters are custom made out of exotic wood and can be personalized as well. The appeal of these putters will have every golfer on the course asking about it Life Is Full Of Important Choices Golf Gift Idea T-Shirt.

Another unique golf gift would be a golf discount card. These cards are available through many different places. Some benefits of these cards could include discounted or even free green fees at courses across the nation and discounts on equipment from reputable stores and brands.

Some more unique golf gifts include personalized golf balls, tees or any other golf equipment. These can be personalized with a name, company logo or even with professional sports team logos.

Regardless of the budget you have to work with for your golf gifts, you should try to be creative. There are many unique golf gifts that have not been mentioned here, but these should get your creative juices flowing. People will take notice of unique gifts and will be pleased with the extra effort and thought you have put in.

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