Are you interested in outsourcing your India automotive requirements? If yes then look no further than our website Asian Auto Sources. Located in India, we have dedicated teams who will provide you with all the assistance you will need while working with an Indian manufacturer. Our services will include:

Excess capacity starts to worry Indian car makers

“Asian American sourcing partner and trading agent for Indian and Vietnamese manufacturing in metal, wood and a full range of other overseas sourcing resources.” ASVA Partners is an international sourcing and trading partner for Indian as well as Vietnam manufacturing and assembly. Under one roof we provide everything you need to bring out your new product into life. We specialize in assisting new businesses to bring out their product into life by providing a full package from initial contacts, design, sourcing, engineering, prototype building & design, tooling, manufacturing, export facilities, sales & marketing, financial services India Automotive Factories.

“We serve the needs of small and mid-size manufacturers in India that require skilled workers for their production lines at reasonable wages. Come see how we can help you get started today! Contact us to learn more about Vietnam manufacturing and our extensive line of metal, wood and composite material manufacturing facilities in India and Vietnam.” India Mercury Co., Ltd

“At India Mining Metals, we provide a full line metal factory operations and support for engineering, manufacturing, exploration & mining, & minerals & fuels. India Mining Metals is the leading provider of premium alloy steel in India. With operations in over 100 countries worldwide, we are one of the largest suppliers of stamped sheet metal and high alloy steels. Our company designs, builds and manufactures metal and steels, and also offers a full line of engineering materials and manufacturing services from sheet metal fabrication to finished product manufacturing. If you have any question, you can contact us at anytime.”

“Since our country has a booming economy, we are well placed to be your India metal factories overseas manufacturing partner. Many of our clients overseas are looking for a place to base their business so it’s quite natural that they will seek our assistance in the form of expert advice and guidance. As far as we are concerned, we are just trying to give you the best advise possible regarding which factory would be the best to base your manufacturing operations. As always, if you’re interested in getting the assistance of our skilled engineers and technicians in order to increase your productivity and improve your profit margin, then contact us today for a discussion.”

“If you’re looking to expand your business by bringing more production capacity and/or cutting down on cost while simultaneously improving your efficiency, then Vietnam is the answer. India is becoming increasingly competitive and if you wish to compete with your much more superior counterparts in the industry, then India is without a doubt the way forward. Our industrial partnerships in Vietnam have been a primary factor behind the growth of the company. We now have a reliable and experienced India sourcing company in Vietnam that handles all of our OEM and non-OEM products, such as automotive components, electronic products, vehicle parts, engines and many others.”

“We’ve found the people from Vietnam to be extremely helpful and genuinely want to help you get the best performance possible for your vehicles. You’ll find that we take all of the above into consideration and try to work with you closely to help ensure that you are satisfied with our work. We have over 100 years experience in the automotive industry and can guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with everything that we do for you.” – Chris Transit of HON Scripps, Ind.

Please don’t wait another minute, please contact us now and talk to a Vietnam manufacturing and trading agent who will show you the most excellent way forward. In India, you can be absolutely sure of getting top quality products at rates never seen before. Do not miss this opportunity to get hold of one of the country’s best industrial metal factories. Let us show you how. Please click here for more information on today’s most promising opportunity.

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