The W Buffer, as the instrument is better known in German, is a snowmobile stabilizer made by KW Austria. It was manufactured at the KW factory in Austria in the late 70’s. This particular model was produced for the first time, but there are other models that are in production today. It can be mounted on top of your snowmobile without using any type of clamp or bolt to hold it onto your machine. You can use it on either side of your machine, front or back, it comes with two different attachment points to mount it on.


This amazing little snowmobile camera can also be used in either the wet or dry climate and will work with almost any type of camera from a digital camera to a film camera. The W Buffer is equipped with its own carrying case and is not attached to the top of the machine. It weighs 2.2lbs which makes it very easy to transport and not too heavy to carry. You can mount this camera on your handlebars as well. The attachment point is on the back of the machine and will provide you with a stable position to capture your photos.

This device is made with an all weather exterior design. There is no rust or corrosion even when left out in the weather for a long period of time. This is a great feature if you live in an area where you may have a difficult time getting your snowmobile to quit running. This device is made with a hard wearing anodised aluminium body which is fully sealed and has a hard wearing polycarbonate lens cover. The lens cover prevents scratches to the glass when you are carrying this device and is fully protected against water, dust and snow.

The W Buffer has a built in rechargeable power source. This can be plugged into any domestic outlet and will supply enough power to run your camera for about two or three hours. You can leave it on all night while you are sleeping and it will still charge up. This is great if you like taking pictures during the night time when there is less light. If you need more power, simply plug it into a cigarette lighter socket. This Snowmobile Camera has a built in battery that is recharged through an auto charger.

It also comes with a mounting kit and an instruction booklet. You can get the mounting kit from the manufacturer or purchase separately. Most people will mount this snowmobile below their seats since it is so light. It is also easy to use as there is plenty of room.

When you get the kit, there is also a wiring diagram that will allow you to connect all the necessary parts. Most people will not connect all the parts unless they are absolutely sure that they know what they are doing. Most manufacturers will provide detailed instructions on how to wire this snowmobile.

The W88Bkk snowmobile is a great choice for anyone who enjoys snowmobiles. It is a great addition to any collection of snowmobiles. You can take it to go on a cruise or to a friend’s house for a holiday. The fun it will have will be a whole lot of fun for everyone.

Some people may want to get the whole kit. If you do this, make sure that you get the other items that go with it like the windshield, radio, tail lights, etc. These items should be included in the kit. However, if you would like to add other things to your snowmobile like skis or a lift, then you will have to find ways of getting these items to work with your vehicle.

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