Don’t dismiss a free English course as not being comprehensive enough for your needs. When you check out the free courses offered online you will see that they cover instruction and exercises on every part of the language. Not only do they have instruction on grammar and practice exercises, but there are also instruction complete with listening exercises so that you get to hear the words you see on the screen being spoken in English. To help you review what you have learned, there are many games, such as word search puzzles and flash cards.

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When you first start learning English, the first important thing you learn is how to introduce yourself and carry on a simple conversation. This is the process used in the free online course. The first lesson usually consists of learning about subject pronouns – I, me, we, etc. and their corresponding verb conjugations. You will see a series of short simple conversations on your and when you click the button next to them, you will hear them being read by a native English speaker. Another page will take you to instruction about this topic and after that you can complete simple exercises. You can repeat the instruction as many times as you want, which is the beauty of taking an online course.

You can repeat the exercises and have them graded by the computer so that you get immediate feedback on your progress.

Depending on your existing knowledge of English, you can choose to start at any point in the program. For example, if you already have a rudimentary knowledge of the basics of the grammar, you can choose to start with an elementary or intermediate course instead of the primary one. The online courses are structured so that both children and adults can take them and advance at their own pace.

Even adults can avail of ESL flash cards, even though they include topics of interest to children. Some of the topics include words for foods, weather, animals and words associated with occupations, so that there is a selection of words used in everyday conversation. For example, if you choose to work with flash cards for foods, you will actually play a game. The picture on the screen is divided into blocks. Each block that you click on turns over a card with a picture of a food and the English word written beneath it. The object of the game is to find pairs of cards with the same picture and words.

Another aspect of an online course in English is learning to read passages. As you progress through the lessons, the passages will get increasingly difficult. There are also extra reading passages that you can open to help you read news and general articles. These usually contain simple words and phrases that you won’t have any difficulty understanding, but if you do you can avail of the online dictionary that will translate any words into your own language. You just click the language you want to translate from and type in the word you want translated.

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