Stantonandgreene is a quaint little fishing town on the north coast of Lincolnshire, England. The Lincolnshire coast is known for its Paddington Great Orme and the famous cottage resorts of Great Cornard and Cumbria. Today Stantonandgreene is an important fishing port.


There are many attractions in and around the town and it is worth exploring. In addition to the Great Orme there is Hinkley Point, an outstandingly beautiful cliff with panoramic views over the area. A visit to Hinkley Point is a must do for anyone visiting the area. Then there’s the Roman Road, which is a fascinating reminder of the town’s industrial past.

You can walk along part of this Roman Road. And at one end there is the wonderful Roman Baths, which was the first public bath in England. All along the Roman Road are lovely gardens and parks. St George’s Park, Little Venice and Victoria Park are some of the more popular places to visit.

Most visitors are intrigued by the Great Orme, a World Heritage Site. On a clear day you can see much of the area below the Great Orme, including fields and river sides. If you prefer a bit more of a tour rather than a drive, then St George’s Park and Great Cornard streets are good options.

Many people choose to book a self guided tour. In such cases the itinerary will be predetermined and all you have to do is follow it. The guided tours tend to be longer and cover a greater area. For that reason it is wise to make your selection carefully so that you get to enjoy the destination at its best.

Stanners aren’t just fishermen. They also produce great cheeses. The local market has many delicious little treats like chocolates and strawberries. You can buy some or eat them yourself. The Stanners also sell some excellent wines

Of course the food in Stanners is different to other towns in Derbyshire. The food is rich and hearty. Many of the recipes date back hundreds of years. The potatoes used are exceptionally sweet.

If you’re looking for something a little different, there’s plenty of choice. You can try fish, meat or chips. Other foods from the area include venison and game. Most people come back to Stanners for another visit. There is definitely more than enough to keep you coming back.

Many tourists come to the area on holiday. In addition to the pleasure of the people and the countryside, they find that the shopping is very good. The Stanners have one of the biggest collections of second-hand shops in all of England. There are many treasures to be found. These shops also make wonderful gifts.

The Stanners are famous for their houses. They have twenty-one homes to choose from, all of which were designed by their architect John Bridges. All of the houses have been beautifully restored. They are lovely and comfortable.

When you visit Stanners, you should plan to stay in the town itself. If you stay somewhere else, you will miss out on one of the most beautiful parts of the countryside. It is worth making sure that you do make the trip. It is certainly well worth it.

To get to the best places in the Stanners you need to take a train. This takes about two hours. The cost for this is about three pounds. You can pay more if you want to take a cab or even a ride on a bus. There are also motorbikes that can take you to the top of the Hamell Hill.

The last thing to see in Stanners is the Buckland Abbey. This is a magnificent place that you can go and tour. You can even take the opportunity to view a presentation about the life and work of William Shakespeare. There are many things to do at the Buckland Abbey. As a result, the number of visitors that come to Stanners is quite high.

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