I can’t position myself as an expert in pregnancy wellness since I’ve only been pregnant once (and that was almost 10 years ago!) I didn’t exactly “breeze” through pregnancy either. I was beyond exhausted and extremely nauseated my first trimester. For the first few months I threw up everyday, quickly lost 10 pounds and barely had enough energy to climb the stairs. By the time the nausea eased I had acquired “rebound” appetite and major gallbladder attacks. Let’s just say I just wasn’t a very happy camper…especially in the beginning.

However, one thing I did manage to do….throughout my entire pregnancy…was some form of exercise. I had to let my body dictate what I could and couldn’t do because on some days it was just a major struggle to do a downward dog, but on okinawa flat belly tonic other days I felt surprisingly energetic and strong. On the days I felt up to it, I managed to get some pretty tough workouts in. In fact, the morning I gave birth I exercised to The Firm workout video! I had a natural delivery (which was NOT fun) and then I was on the floor of the hospital on a yoga mat the very next day.

Exercise (and nursing) definitely helped me get my body back very quickly. However, the most challenging part was fitting fitness in after baby arrived! All of a sudden the length of my days shot from 24-hours right down to 10. Fitting in fitness became “Project Impossible.” Staying physically fit isn’t easy for anyone, but trust me… it’s especially challenging for new moms. This is why multi-tasking workouts are an absolute necessity for mommy after baby.

Total Body Multi-Tasking Mommy Toning Workout

I’ve asked co-owner of Fitness Redefined and my good friend, Marissa Lysaght, (who is five months pregnant herself!) and also a nationally certified personal training specialist with a Master’s Degree in Maternal and Child Health to design a “multi-tasking pre and post natal circuit training workout” that you can do at home with minimal equipment.

Marissa’s total-body conditioning and core training workout can be done at home (while baby naps!) This workout targets core muscles in your abdominal region in addition to the large metabolically active muscles of your legs, hips, chest, back and arms (strengthening the large muscles will help you burn more calories, even during rest.)

While it’s best to start a fitness program (including these exercises) BEFORE you even get pregnant, the workout program is good for both prenatal and postnatal women. These exercises are recommended for women with no known contraindications, and should be followed according to your own body cues. If you are pregnant, you can begin the exercises slowly. Again, let your body be your guide; never over-exert yourself and avoid doing any movements that cause pain.


Fitness workouts should be focused around Total-body Conditioning and Core Training

What do I mean by “core training?”

True core training involves movements that trigger a deep muscle called the Tranverse Abdominus that acts as a girdle to support the spine. This is the best muscle to target if you want to achieve a flat stomach and minimize the stretching and tearing of the superficial muscles that happens during pregnancy.

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