If you’re thinking of changing your android smartphone only because it is not as fast as it used to be, think again. The outdated specs do play the spoil sport, but a few tweaks can get things back to normal.

In this short guide, I am going to describe five tips to making your smartphone snappier than it was ever before https://tipandroid.com/.

Tip 1: Never flush Cached Data

There are many experts who tell you to clean up the cache of your phone regularly, but there is a reason why cached data resides in your phone. It allows a quick access to the applications you frequently use.

When you remove the cached data, android loads an app from the storage space of your phone, and this leads to a slow launching of the app. So, in an attempt to speed-up your smartphone, you may end up doing the contrary.

Tip 2: Uninstall Useless Applications

It is better to uninstall those apps you rarely use, so as to refrain them from running in the background and using the smartphone’s memory (RAM).

To see the list of installed apps and to uninstall them, follow these steps:

Settings < Apps < See the List of Apps in ‘Downloaded’ tab < Select any App < Uninstall

Tip 3: Disable Animations

You must have noticed some transition effects when a pop-up appears or when you move back and forth in your android phone. These animations also consume RAM. If your phone is slow, you are better off disabling such effects.

You need to first activate the developer options, and to do so, go to the phone’s settings, select “About phone”, go to “Build number” and tap on it 7 times. Android will make you a developer (easiest course ever, right?).

Now, press “back” button, and tap to open “Developer options”. In the Drawing section of “Developer options” you will find “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale”, and “Animator animation scale”.

You can select all three of them one by one and turn off their animation effect.

Although the transitions will not be as aesthetic as they were, you will notice the improvement in your phone’s performance.

Tip 4: Disable Pre-loaded apps

If your phone is an android and not a nexus, then its manufacturer may have passed on some useless apps to you that you don’t use but cannot uninstall. Not an issue! You can always disable such apps.

To do this, long press any pre-loaded app and drag it to the “App info” icon on the home screen; then, tap on “Disable”. Although the app will continue to occupy the storage space, it will, at least, not run in the background.

Tip 5: Send Files to Cloud

If the gallery of your phone takes forever to open, you need to find a new place to store your video and image files safely.

You can download “Google drive”, or “Dropbox”, or any other cloud service on your smartphone and send your files to the cloud. It will not only allow you to release some storage space but also enable you to access your photos and videos from any other smartphone or PC.

These 5 tips may convince you to keep your good old android buddy for at least some time to come.

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