What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics can be a specialized area of dentistry concerned with the supervision, guidance and correction in the growing and mature dental and facial structures.

Orthodontic treatment usually involves the utilization of what is commonly termed braces to straighten teeth.

However it extends further than just braces alone. In addition, it includes treatment with appliances to fix jaw problems by modifying jaw growth in small patients. Orthodontics is also required in adults (i. e. non-growing patients) that require jaw surgery to correct a jaw problem จัดฟัน.

Why is Orthodontics important?

Great smiles speak a lot of words! A great smile can be an important asset in a world where first impressions count. Orthodontics will also increase one’s self-image, providing new found confidence to your patients after their teeth are straightened.

A straight number of teeth is easier to clean and therefore makes it easier to prevent tooth decay together with gum disease. Orthodontics can occasionally improve speech and biting, and prevent dental injuries as well.

Can braces hurt?

Most orthodontic people experience some discomfort although on braces. Some may feel pain as you move the lucky ones say it’s uncomplicated. The discomfort usually starts a few hours after the braces are put on and after the braces are “tightened” through the subsequent reviews. That discomfort usually lasts only a few days. Common painkillers can be taken to control your pain.

Many patients develop ulcers after the braces are put on. This will be less common when the cheeks and lips become “seasoned” to the braces.

Will I be able to eat and talk normally?

Truth be told there will a “break-in” period before you feel you can take normally. This is usually a couple of days but varies with different patients. But everyone gets useful to it eventually. Initially though, you may want to enjoy softer food and munch slower. Most patients experience only minimal difficulties in speaking and usually overcome them very quickly.

At what age should orthodontic treatment occur?

Orthodontic treatment can usually start as soon as all the “milk” teeth have exfoliated and also the adult teeth have sufficiently erupted.

Growth modification treatment might possibly be started earlier, while this jaws are rapidly rising, to correct a mouth problem. This may stay away from the need for jaw surgery in future. Hence, it is good to create your child to some sort of dentist early for routine checkups.

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