Why are you reading this article?  Was it the use of the word ‘secret’ in the title? Or was it because you were told to ‘click here to read now’?  Quite possibly, it was both the word secret and the call-to-action ‘click here’.

As I work to build my Internet Marketing Business, I am constantly experimenting, and today I chose to experiment with my headline to illustrate how a strong, and obvious, call-to-action can help with your article marketing.

Information Overload

The Internet has made information too readily available – you can find almost anything you want in a variety of formats in minutes using popular search engines.  As a result, most people don’t spend as long as they used to researching a topic free spins coin master here, or reading on a subject.

Watching my teenagers research school work, how often do you think they grab a book to look something up compared to how often they jump on the Internet?

People browse search engine results, then scan related pages looking at the headings and sub-headings that stand out, and then click back to the search results for the next page to read.

If your articles don’t captivate quickly, hold attention, and end with a strong and obvious call-to-action, then your article is likely to be scanned and the links in the resource box passed over.

The Call-to-Action

call-to-action is simply telling someone what you want them to do next.

What I call a strong call-to-action involves not only telling them what to do, but being specific about what to do, why do it, and even what’s going to happen when you do it (where appropriate).

Ending your article with a conclusion, or an about the author bio with no call-to-action is no better than having no resource box at all – your readers probably won’t know what to do next, and most certainly won’t do it if you didn’t invite them to with an obvious call-to-action – to click one of your links, for example.

Getting Specific

Linking to a website with a text link (known as anchor text) can help your SEO efforts, and even though it helps make the sentence read nice, it can have the opposite effect than you intended – people see a link and gloss over it, instead of taking action to click it.

If you want someone to click your link, don’t be afraid to tell them to do it, and don’t be afraid to link with action inspiring words, instead of your keyword phrases.

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