The typical monthly rates for apartment cleaning in Houston are:

General Apartment Cleaning: Apartment cleaning usually involves dusting, vacuuming and washing down countertops, stove and floors. The most commonly used cleaning products include liquid detergents (such booths, monosodium phosphate), citrus-based cleaners (white vinegar, white solution), laundry soaps (olive cleaner, laundry detergent, etc.) and baking soda. Other supplies may also be needed depending on the type of unit.

Bathroom Cleaning: Apartment cleaning services include deep cleaning of tub and shower fixtures, wiping down windows and baseboards, cleaning grout between tiles, disinfecting and sanitizing sinks and toilets, and removing pet stains. Apartment cleaning companies will usually provide a range of products to choose from including window cleaners, carpet cleaners and even window treatments. Some require the use of specialized tools such as power washers. Most bathroom cleaning companies offer special cleaning techniques, some using hot water extraction while others use steam cleaners. Steam cleaners are now quite common and fairly inexpensive почистване след ремонт цени.

Floors: Apartment cleaning services usually include dusting with a dusting mop or vacuum. They may use a broom or dust pan to sweep, or a broom with soft bristles. To remove stains, they may use a solution of lemon juice and club soda or a solution of ammonia and baking soda. Tiles can be vacuumed, while vinyl floors can be dusted with steel wool or a sponge. Dishwashers can be washed with a sponge or washed with cold water.

Average Cost of Apartment Cleaning: Apartment cleaning services in Houston will most likely charge an average cost of about one-time cleaning for most apartments. One-time cleaning is usually based on square footage. This means if your apartment is one square foot by three feet, the one-time cleaning will cost about fifty cents. For one-time services, this is generally considered an acceptable price. Most apartment cleaning services will provide a sample cleaning to ensure the price is reasonable before committing to the job.

Hiring an Apartment Cleaning Service is a good option for apartment building owners or management companies when their budgets are limited or there is little extra money available for on the job training. The professional cleaner will have the experience to do a quick job and a professional job, whether it is steam cleaning, dusting, polishing wood floors, or installing window treatments. The better the cleaner the better the apartment building or property look, and the less damage there is to the structure. When searching for an apartment cleaning service in Houston, one should check out more than just the prices for the particular service desired, rather than just looking at the price per room.

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