The flower has always been loved for their beauty, purity and fragrance and as such they are the perfect gift choice for various occasions.

For ages, fresh flower and bouquets have formed an integral part of various celebrations including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s, Christmas, graduation, and numerous other special occasions.

Not only are they used to convey the feelings of love and care from the sender, but they also bring a feeling of joy and happiness to the heart of the receiver.

Giving Flowers for Birthdays

Birthdays undoubtedly top the list of various occasions on which people send fresh flowers to their near and dear ones. There have been tremendous changes in the choice of flowers that are sent across on birthdays.

People who are far away from their loved ones on their birthday, generally use online flower delivery services to send across a bouquet of fresh flowers to express their best wishes and love.

Using Flowers for Weddings

There are some special occasions which simply look incomplete without fresh flowers – such as a wedding ceremony. On this occasion flowers not only ของชำร่วยงานศพ form an integral part of wedding venue decorations, but also are the most common gifts that the newlyweds receive.

In many cases, a bouquet can also form an essential part of accessories of both the bride and the groom. The flowers used in weddings are generally white or pastel colored, but it is not uncommon to use various other colors that might suit the overall decoration scheme or even the taste and style of the bride and the groom.

Flowers at a Funeral
A somber occasion where flowers speak much more than words is the funeral of a near and dear one. It is often difficult to express one’s condolences to the family members of the dead person in words. In such cases, flowers can effectively convey across your message of bereavement and loss.

However not all flora are suitable for use on the occasion of funerals. The most common flowers used for funerals are white roses, hybrid black or light pink carnations, besides which one can also send a bouquet or wreath of the favorite flowers of the deceased person.

Other Uses for the Flower
Another common occasion when flowers are extensively used is the Valentine’s Day. Lovers across the world express their feelings for one other through the Rose, a symbol of love and romance. Although red roses are most commonly gifted on this occasion, people also prefer to gift other flowers that might be the favorites of their partners.

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