Can you remember the last time you had your hearing checked? Well, audiologists are those doctors who specialize in diagnosing, treating, and even preventing hearing conditions. Not just for people with hearing loss, audiologists also provide patients with thorough exams and discover other hearing conditions associated with the central nervous system. Thanks to the fact that the number of senior citizens continues to rise, the demand for many allied health care professions, including audiologists, continues to grow as well.

You will find an audiologist setting up shop in a number of places, these are varied and can include a clinic, hospital, local education agencies, schools for those with hearing difficulty, private practices, and the list continues.

The field of audiology is continually expanding, it is also one medical field you can be sure will always find a use, as we grow old our hearing inevitably synapse xt deteriorates. You can get clients of all age groups as an audiologist.

An audiologist will help patients in a number of ways, from simply providing hearing equipment, to training in that equipment or even therapy for those who may have recently lost their hearing.

The majority of hearing difficulties are present in senior citizens, with 85% of these sufferers more than 55 years old, as few younger individuals have hearing deficiencies. Environmental influence from industrial activity as well as amplified music, have led to an increase in the number of younger individuals exhibiting hearing problems. Health professionals in the field are not always quick to blame a child’s hearing concerns solely on the decibel level of their music, though. With music more portable these days the potential for hearing problems has risen.

That means that music can now be listened to in small spaces, such as inside cars, or through headsets or ear buds, so that the sound is right next to or inside the ears.

Believing that they do not hear optimally, a number of individuals go in to have their hearing baseline tested. Through this testing it is discovered, that in about 50% of these cases, there is no physical hearing problem. It does, however, show an increasing concern for taking care of their hearing among younger people.

Audiologists also will work closely with an ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT) to find the cause of the hearing loss. An Impedance Battery is used at first by and audiologist to determine the integrity of the eardrum, done through an air pressure test. Able to examine the nerves that stretch from the brain to the ears, this battery simultaneously examines the structures behind the ear drum.

This is done with a tool that demonstrates how a particular client listens to spoken words. Audiologists are expected to demonstrate how hearing devices function, as each patient’s prognosis for recovery is different. Sometimes, an individual needs to have counseling as well in order to restore their hearing. This will usually involve discussing how they can overcome their recent hearing loss and get on with their lives as normally as possible.

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