Many people think of internet capabilities when they need to conduct research, find information on local events, maps to new destinations, or even for shopping. Internet service comes into play for some dating venues and is a terrific resource for recipes as well and, naturally, it’s one of the most often-utilized avenues for communication in our modern day and age.

However; one of the most enjoyable uses for the internet doesn’t always come immediately to mind when most folks log in – music. Online radio stations abound amidst the current wonders of the world wide web, and there are many terrific selections when it comes to internet radio options.

No matter what your preferred genre of music, you’re likely to find online radio stations that cater to its category. From pop to rock, jazz and Christian, Country superslot or classical, multiple online resources are available to satiate your personal listening pleasure.

In our budget-minded economy, this option to locate free musical entertainment can be a real money-saver! CDs are pricey, and listening to your favorite tunes online can really help keep a few more dollars in your wallet each month.

So, who are the frontrunners when it comes to finding the best selections for internet radio? is probably the most popular music site out there. The beauty of this site is that you can select the stations and types of music that appeal to you. Choose the latest rock or pop, modern day rap, or tune into an assortment of vintage tunes from the 80’s and 90’s. If classic rock is your thing, you can find that too. All Zeppelin, all the time? No worries. You’ll never have to listen to a song sung by anyone other than Robert Plant if you really don’t want to. Pandora really delivers. also offers a good variety. Their site features downloads from and news about contemporary artists, including bands as diverse as RadioHead to country’s Kenny Chesney.

Tune into Grooveshark and LastFM as well; two more online sources for locating your favorite musical creations.

Jazz fans will appreciate

Local markets have their own share of the music market, too, such as the beehive state’s

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