In most cases, learning a foreign language takes time. You may have your own reasons for learning Spanish as fast as possible. Of course, it will require a lot of effort but it is perfectly feasible. I personally learned to speak fluent Spanish within 3 months. In this article, I’m going to share with you a few useful tips.

1) Frustration and Motivation

A lot of people start learning Spanish only to give up within a few days or weeks! Why? Their motivation is not strong enough to get through obstacles. Personally, when I first started learning Spanish I had to surpass the frustrations (often encountered in learning a new language) in order to complete my studies. You are probably going to experience both joy and frustration, but don’t give up! Stick to your goal. Every single day, think about it. Be always motivated. It is not so much your aptitude to learn but rather your motivation that can help you to speak fluent Spanish quickly!

2) Frequency and Diversity

Following a proven method and a helpful technique is something important in order to progress fast. Nevertheless, don’t forget that above all you need to spend as much time as you can every day in improving your Spanish.Plan 3 or 4 daily sessions! You can comprare levitra online sicuro set apart at least 30 minutes for every session. For example, during the first session you can improve written comprehension, during the second one you can listen to a song and translate it and during the third one you can practice your writing skills using a blog.

3) Humility

Do you know why babies and kids learn so fast a new language? Because they are humble. Adults may laugh when they pronounce something wrong but they accept proper correction. It doesn’t matter if you speak wrong sometimes. Remember that you are just learning and you need help!

4) Basic Vocabulary and Grammar

An ineffective learning strategy would be to learn by heart long lists of unrelated words. It is far better to start learning the most used verbs in Spanish (such as Tener, Hacer, Poder, Ir, Dar, Ver, Comprar etc…) for the purpose of making simple sentences. Little by little you are going to build up your vocabulary and understand better the grammatical rules thanks to the practice.

5) Opportunities

Use any chance you have to practice your Spanish (through TV, web, radio, books, newspapers, comic strips, music, travels etc…) and seek out opportunities to converse with native Spanish speakers.

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