Green Trends

There is no doubt that 2010 was a difficult year for the economy, yet the hope for the coming year is high. And for good reason – Many leading U.S. economists predict that the economy will grow an astounding two to four percent in 2011. This is welcome news after two years of a painful recession.

What can businesses do to prepare?

What can executives, entrepreneurs and webmasters set in place so as to benefit from the projected economical growth of 2011? As economists begin to try and answer this question, we must first look at the possible trends and business motives that grasp the world economy. A common theme within the economy that has shown increased popularity is green technologies, products and services.

Why go green?

Because by “going green” we are protecting the environment. But an added benefit is that by going green, businesses are seeing long-term business growth and opportunity.

There are few segments of the financial system today that have shown continued growth during what economists call the “great recession”. One thing is clear; the trend toward green technology is not fading. Every economic region has seen significant growth in the eco-friendly industry and companies are aware of the growing trend toward green-technologies. It is apparent that the green power movement shows no sign of decline. Indeed, the green movement continues to grow, despite the contraction in the economy since 2008. Green technology 먹튀검증 is one segment of the world-economy which has shown steady growth during the recent difficult economic times.

Green Trends and Predictions for 2011

This can serve as a guide for businesses as a place to prepare for green trends that will continue throughout the coming year.

1. Energy and Air Emissions

Many industries around the world are faced with two primary energy challenges: how to efficiently provide clean, secure and affordable energy and how to minimize the impact on the environment.

Two major power-hungry segments of the economy include:

  • Airline industry
  • Data center industry

Traditionally, these energy hogs utilized the most energy of any other industry in the United States and generated the largest carbon footprint. Business owners are looking for options within these industries that are more eco-friendly with a reduction in carbon emissions.

What to do?

Many companies that utilize a great deal of travel are looking for ways to not only minimize their carbon footprint, but also reduce their expenses. Companies are deploying various means of eco-friendly business models so as to reduce the amount of air-travel they utilize. And, in order to reduce the demand for power-hungry data centers, web masters, site designers and businesses are moving their web sites to green web hosting, which provides more efficiency and uses less energy than hosting in traditional data centers.

  • Telecommuting is becoming more popular among businesses with the use of VOIP services such as Press8 telecom. With the Press8 Hosted phone systems, companies are able to offer their employees the option of telecommuting – an attractive option because of high gas prices, nightly traffic jams and long commutes. Press8 phone systems offer methods to ensure employees working at home or from a remote office location are making productive use of their time.
  • Green web hosting among businesses is becoming more popular because it presents a clear solution for a reduction in the utilization of traditional, power-hungry data centers. Many webmasters are moving their web sites to companies that utilize green data centers. A word of caution: many so called “green web hosting” companies are merely web hosts that purchase Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) and then these companies market their services to the Internet community as “green”. In order to be a “true” green web hosting provider, the web host must utilize a “green data center”. Top web hosting firms offer green web hosting for personal and business web sites and hosts its servers in a “true” green data center.

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