Okay so I’m a groupie. I never thought I’d admit that but there are two people that I put high up on a pedestal and feel inspired by whenever I see/hear/read about them. Yes, one is Joe Vitale and the other is Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong has defied the greatest health scare that most people experience (cancer)and re-written the rules of physical fitness and mental achievements.

He has taken the “norm” of cancer recovery and upped the ante by winning the Tour De France SEVEN times after cancer. Perhaps because Lance has faced the possibility of death that he has strived to really truly live; probably more than the rest of us can relate to. As much as this site is not about Lance Armstrong as it is about Joe Vitale Vitalflow, the two are remarkably similar. Joe Vitale was homeless and jobless for quite some time in his life and now one of the most successful entrepreneurs alive today. You see both Lance and Joe know that anything can be achieved in life if you simply believe in yourself.

I’ve watched “The Secret” over three dozen times and when Joe Vitale speaks, I listen. He speaks in such the first person that at times I have to remind myself that even though there is no one else in the room, he is not just specifically speaking to me. Nonetheless, three years ago sparked the beginning of what I’d refer to as my followings of Joe Vitale and all great philosophers of our time. Because of them and my ongoing learnings I have discovered that I believe more now in the law of attraction than I ever had before. And with more belief in myself I have received many more “yes'” in life. So here’s to Joe Vitale’s fan club and to all of you that are listening, reading and interpreting how you can bring more yes’ in your life.

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